Kaena Point State Park

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Kaena Point is a remote, gorgeous rocky shoreline. From November - March, whales are often seen here! I love Kaena Point for it's rugged coastline, and incredible waves. 

Kaena Point coastline

Kaena Point Waves



Optional Hike:

If you're down for the trek, you can walk out to "The Point" in about 1.5 hours (which I totally recommend for the views!). At the point, you'll be able to see the North Shore and West side at the same time! If you're adventurous and willing to hike up the ridge, you'll get a view unlike any other on the island! Bring water, and sun protection...dehydration, and heat stroke can happen pretty fast.

Kaena Point Trail

Directions & Access:

Take Farrington Highway past Dillingham Airfield, all the way to the very end! To walk along the coastline, use the main road past the gate.

Kaena Point Parking


Parking is adequate at the end of the paved road. There are often deep pot-holes in the dirt parking area, so be careful with rental cars. 


None. In the middle of the summer when the ocean is flat you may find a few quiet coves you can wade into, but this is a very dangerous area any other time of the year.


None. Please note that it takes time for emergency responders to drive out to this remote area, so keep a close eye on children, and stay away from slippery rocks and surging waves.


None. You'll need to find a rock to hide behind! 

Surfline Report:

For information on the current conditions at this location, click here.


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How Did Coffee Get To Hawaii?

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Well, I didn't know either, until I did a few searches. In a nutshell, Don Francisco de Paula Marin was the first to bring coffee trees to Hawaii in 1817, but the seedlings didn’t survive, unfortunately.

Chief Boki and his wife Kuini Liliha


However, in 1825 after a tragic trip to London where King Kamehameha II...

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From CG Bakery: Housemade Granola

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Here at Coffee Gallery we enjoy making everything from scratch, providing the North Shore with quality baked goods daily.

My favorite time of the day is when our bakers make...

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Ko'olau Range, Oahu from Makapu'u Light House Trail

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Black & Brew Review | Coffee Gallery

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Our friends over at Black & Brew just wrote a blog post on us! Read the full version at http://www.blackandbrewhawaii.com/coffee-gallery

Coffee Gallery on Black & Brew!


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