Who We Are

Hawaiian Gourmet Coffee Roasters was founded in 1987 with a passion to serve exceptional artisan coffee, and delicious,  homemade food in our shop, the Coffee Gallery, located in the unique community of the North Shore of Oahu.

We have changed and evolved through the years, but our passion has always remained the same.

We continue to roast all our coffee by hand and in small batches. We believe that the art of roasting is a life long process that is never truly mastered, and in order to bring you the best possible cup we are continuously evaluating our coffee to develop the perfect aroma, precise color, and exceptional taste.

All of our food and pastries are prepared in house from scratch, to ensure quality and freshness.

Our bakery operates with the same uncompromised quality as our roastery, and our bakers continually surprise us with new and inventive flavor combinations.

Our hope for you, our guest, is that you will discover, through every sip and every bite, a taste of the paradise that we have found in pursuing our passion here on our little island in the Pacific.