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How To: Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee!

Posted by Sarah Klacik on

Caffeinated and cold, I'm not sure if there's a better summer beverage than Cold Brew Coffee for the hot and humid summer we experience here in Hawaii!

There are many benefits to choosing it over regular iced coffee (check out this blog post about Cold Brew), so why not work it into your summer routine!


In a large jar, add:

  • 1 part coarsely ground coffee...
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How-To: French Press Coffee

Posted by Sarah Klacik on

7 Steps To Making The Perfect French Press Coffee.

Coffee Gallery French Press

Less “finicky” then most methods, French press brewing is an ideal way to make coffee, producing a full-flavored cup with a delicious sweetness. It retains ...

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DIY: Coffee Body Scrub

Posted by Sarah Klacik on

So why a coffee scrub?

Well, simply put, caffeine is good for your skin! So much so, that there’s a huge study going on leading the authors to believe that it suppresses cells that turn cancerous in the sun.

But aside from that, in a scrub, it can be incredibly helpful in reducing the appearance of uneven skin, and cellulite...

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