How To Store Coffee Beans

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How To Store Coffee Beans


The unfortunate fact is that coffee begins to lose it’s freshness almost immediately after roasting. That’s why it’s better to purchase in small quantities more frequently, so you’re getting the fullest flavor possible.

So what’s the ideal way to store beans once you’ve purchased them?

Good news! Our bags are a tough sandwich of Polyethylene and Aluminum Foil, which protects those beautiful beans of yours far better than most. It has a one-way valve to ensure no blowouts occur from off-gasing, since it’s bagged almost immediately after roasting.

Coffee Gallery bags

However, for long-term storage (more than a month), we recommend storing your beans in an opaque, air-tight container in a cool place, like a dry pantry.


"Store the beans in an opaque, air-tight container in a cool place, like a dry pantry."

So what about freezing or refrigerating the beans?

Refrigerating is a definite no, due to the condensation that will build up, but there are differing views on freezing. Moisture and air are the 2 greatest offenders to flavor (not to mention drastic changes in temperature), and if you're pulling them out on a regular basis, condensation will collect on the beans as they are exposed to warm air. So bottom line, in general, freezing them isn't recommended.

What to avoid completely:

Vacuum sealing your beans. This has the potential of drawing the natural oils to the surface of the coffee, speeding up the loss of flavor, once opened.

Sunlight. Northing breaks oils down faster than sunlight and heat.

Grinding the beans before you need to. It’s true, it saves time to grind the whole bag at once, but if it’s freshness you’re looking for, don’t do it. Coffee oils are water soluble, and oxidize easily, so as soon as you break the protective shell, the delicate oils are then opened to the air and can make them deteriorate quickly, losing flavor.


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