How to make a delicious mocha at home

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Sometimes you just don't want to stand in line for that mocha, so here's a few tips on how to do it at home!

How to make a mocha at home

What you need for a 16 oz drink:

1-3 TBS chocolate sauce, to taste
2 shots espresso, or 6 oz. strongly brewed coffee

(I recommend our Hale Espresso Blend for a mocha.
It makes delicious brewed coffee too!)

12-16 oz. milk of your choice
Ice (for an iced mocha)
whipped cream (optional)


To prepare a hot mocha, heat 14 oz of milk to 140-160deg. If you like foam on the top, you can use a milk frother. (Find one here.)

Prepare espresso (or strongly brewed coffee), and mix the chocolate sauce in, so it incorporates more thoroughly. Pour your milk in, top with whipped cream and enjoy!



For an iced mocha, prepare espresso (or strongly brewed coffee), and mix the chocolate sauce, so it incorporates more thoroughly. Fill 16 oz cup 2/3 full with ice, and cover with milk. Stir espresso/chocolate sauce into the iced milk, and enjoy.

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