Explore Oahu: Pu'u Manamana (Crouching Lion)

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As soon as I saw the view, I couldn't believe I'd never done this hike before.
Pu'u Manamana Crouching Lion Oahu hike
I’d heard about Crouching Lion not long after moving to Oahu, but was warned it was not for people afraid of heights. Always being a fairly cautious person, I figured I’d wait, and warm up to it.
When I found a friend who had recently done it, I jumped on his invitation to hike it together. The next day I made some French press Maui Mokka (ok...this is one of my FAVORITE coffee roasts ever!), threw everything in my truck, picked up my sister and headed up the North Shore.
After sitting in stop-and-go traffic for almost 45 min (thank you weekend construction), it felt so good to arrive and hit the trail. It gained elevation pretty fast, and before long we broke out into one of the most beautiful views on the island!

Crouching Lion, Hauula
Honestly, I could've sat there all day just soaking it in, but half the fun is climbing the rocks, so after snapping a couple pics, we headed away from the ridge,toward the Crouching Lion itself.Crouching Lion, Oahu
Either I’m getting better about heights, or it really wasn’t bad, because I did completely fine climbing up the rocks! Of course I don’t recommend being stupid up there, but there was plenty of room to move around and enjoy the view without hugging the rock.
paragliding Oahu
It was fun sitting there talking about life, watching the paragliders float over our head and the traffic pass below.
Crouching Lion View
I saw people crawling up the ridge behind us, and decided that was going to be me, next time.
Crouching Lion Ridge
Lunch time rolled around, and we headed back down the hill, wrapping our adventure up with a delicious meal from Shrimp Shack, a couple miles down the road in Hauula.
I have to admit...It's become one of the places my mind wanders when I daydream, and I am already planning my return trip. But for now, I sit at my desk re-living it through my pictures.
Crouching Lion Hike

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