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12 ounce bags

As a few of you have noticed, we have new bag sizes. It's been increasingly difficult to have both 8 ounce and 16 ounce bags in our inventory so after careful thought we've moved to 12 ounces. A lot of our friends have done this, and the 12 ounce size is quickly becoming the standard for specialty roasters. We've found that it's a nice compromise. This will now allow us to have a greater turnover in our coffee, and that means FRESHER COFFEE! This is great news for you, our customer.

The new bags are a tough sandwich of Polyethylene and Aluminum Foil, which protects those beautiful beans of yours far better than the good old kraft bag. We also through in a one way valve to ensure no blowouts occur from off-gasing (this coffee is pretty fresh).

We've gotten a lot of good response from our customers here at the shop. Everyone seems to love them! They seem to even be more gift worthy than before as well. And in case you were wondering, they come in a 2 ounce trial size too!

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