Spotlight On The Menu: Hibiscus Nectar Cooler

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Here for the summer, our Hibiscus Nectar Cooler is one of my favorite drinks! Sweetened with 100% Hawaiian honey, packed with Vitamin C, and rich in antioxidants, it’s something you can feel good about drinking!
Hibiscus Nectar Cooler at Coffee Gallery
Here’s a peek into how it’s made!
hibiscus, rosemary, ginger and lime zest
Dried hibiscus flowers are simmered in water with fresh ginger, lime zest and rosemary, until it creates a strong tea.
Hibiscus tea is strained
It is then strained and mixed with lemon and lime juice, and sweetened with 100% Hawaiian honey.
hibiscus tea mixed with lemon and lime juice
It is then chilled and served!
chilled and served

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