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If I get a day to escape, I usually head to the west side of our island. It’s such a different world than the rest of Oahu, and even with multiple visits in the last few months, I’m still not tired of it!
As a photographer, I love Kaneana cave because of the lighting.  Bring a tripod if you want some cool photos! It’s dark enough in the cave that you’ll need a pretty slow shutter speed, for anything other than a silhouette.
Kaneana cave
I would have totally missed it, if I hadn’t driven to Yokohama Beach and seen it on my return.
The entrance is pretty grand, and the ceiling of the cave is surprisingly high.
Kaneana Cave Exploration
 We decided to find the upper cave we’d heard about, and I’d better start out with the fact that after we got back down, I noticed several signs warning “DANGER: Unexploded Ordinance. Do Not Enter” posted. Sorry, it was a beautiful view, but it appears to be illegal!
The upper cave was unimpressive compared to the lower one, being much smaller, and open. But I enjoyed the climb, and the view was beautiful.
 There's something peaceful about the West side that I can't get enough of, and for now, it will be my escape.  

Not far before Makua Beach, park on the left side of the road, where there’s a large stone sign with “Kaneana - Malama I Ko Makou Aina” on it. Directly across the road will be the cave.
None. You can find restrooms and an outdoor shower at Yokohama Beach, a couple miles down the road.
Insider tips:
This part of Oahu is not exactly tourist-friendly. Be courteous to the locals. You’re invading their home, so respect them.
Get to the west side by noon. Any later, and you’ll be sitting in traffic. 
While I’ve never had any issue, I’ve heard that theft is common in West Oahu. Don’t leave valuables in your car, and if you expect to use your tires, don’t leave your car after sundown.

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