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If you’ve never heard of a latte, I think its safe to assume you’ve probably never set foot in a coffee shop. [If you really don’t know what it is, click here……]

But even if you do, there’s plenty about a latte that the average coffee drinker probably doesn’t know!

Cafe Latte © Coffee Gallery

How Much Espresso?

Interestingly each coffee shop varies in the amount of espresso they use! You don’t have to be afraid of asking how many shots are are included in your size choice.

Coffee Gallery sticks to…

8 oz (X-Small): 1 shot

12 oz (Small): 1 shot

16 oz (Medium): 2 shots

20 oz (Large): 3 shots


Espresso Facts:

  • Espresso is concentrated coffee.
  • It will start to to lose it’s full flavor 10 seconds after it is extracted, unless it’s stabilized with something like milk. 
  • “Sour” espresso - Caused by tannic acid that is found in coffee beans, and means the shot was poorly extracted. A common cause under-extraction (a shot that has pulled too quickly.)
  • “Bitter” espresso - Caused by over-extracted coffee, water that is too hot or the wrong grind size.
  • Depending on the size of the bean, one shot of espresso requires approximately 50 coffee beans!


How Much Foam?

This varies by barista, and is determined by how long they froth the milk. A traditional latté is approximately 5% foam. That’s not much!

More Foam? 

You might consider ordering a wet cappuccino (equal parts milk & foam), or a dry cappuccino, if foam is all you want!

Less Foam?

Consider a Flat White! It’s just espresso with steamed milk … no foam!


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