How To: Dye Easter Eggs with Coffee

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Step 1: 
Make enough strongly brewed coffee to cover the amount of eggs you want to dye, and let it cool to room temperature. Any of our coffees will work well, but I used our Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffee, and it smelled so good!
Step 2:
Start with white eggs, preferably at room temperature.
Coffee Dyed Easter Eggs © Coffee Gallery
Step 3:
Use waxed floss, tape, leaves, or other objects to "decorate" the eggs with. When using objects like leaves or tape, use a knotted nylon stocking to hold them against the egg during boiling. (see below)
Coffee Dyed Easter Eggs © Coffee Gallery
Step 4:
Carefully place the eggs in the bottom of a saucepan, with enough room so that they aren't touching each other.
Step 5:
Pour coffee over the eggs, and bring to a boil, on medium heat.
Step 6:
Boil for 12-30 min, to desired shade. (As a reference, the one below is a 15 min boiling time)
Coffee Dyed Easter Eggs © Coffee Gallery
Step 7:
Carefully pour coffee out of the saucepan, and rinse with cool water.
Step 8:
"Unwrap" the eggs to reveal the designs, and enjoy!!!
Coffee Dyed Easter Egg © Coffee Gallery
(Wrapped with waxed floss)
Coffee Dyed Easter Eggs © Coffee Gallery
(Heart sticker, with nylon stocking)
Coffee Dyed Easter Eggs © Coffee Gallery
(Tape with nylon stocking)

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